3 reasons why you’re NOT getting conversions on your website

Mohammad Mofidul Alam
2 min readMar 31, 2022
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

Do you have a website but not having conversions? You are spending a lot of money for your paid ads to bring traffic to your website, but don’t they take actions on your site?

You’re not alone. Here are the possible reasons why.

1. Your website loading time is huge

2. Your website design isn’t good enough

3. Your website content isn’t good

Do you think these are all good for your case? you can check the following reasons then.

People don’t find anyone to ask questions, don’t feel engaged to take action or your action buttons are not in the right place.

They don’t feel engaged or not being asked/ reminded to take actions

They are not being followed up with email marketing automation

How can you get it solved?

1. Get a live chat on your website. This helps to engage your visitors with wanting to ask questions and get answers. Manychat live chat not only solves this issue with automated replies when you are not online, but also getting them subscribed into your system so that you can follow them up later.

2. Get an exit-intent popup form so when they leave without taking any action, that form will pop up and ask them not to miss the opportunity to get a special offer

3. Use email marketing automation with MailChimp that does abandoned cart email notification, create repeat customers, recover lost customers, identify high and low engaged customers, promote cross-sell opportunities, remind customers to reorder, reward VIP customers, celebrate annual events, collect customer feedback, encourage online reviews, celebrate customer birthdays, welcome who subscribes via your popup form, and many more.

Mohammad Mofidul Alam

Mohammad is the Marketing Expert, the Co-founder & CEO of www.salesenzine.com, official partner to shopify, constant contact, mailchimp, klaviyo and manychat.