How I Made 20–40 Leads/ Appointments A Week for Medical Spa Clients

Mohammad Mofidul Alam
3 min readAug 11, 2020

Real-life case story that resulted in more sales, appointments, and better customer relationships.

Wishing customers on their birthday is what many businesses are doing lately. Probably you are doing too. It makes perfect sense that you care when you remember their birthday and wish them. It’s sweet.

But does it make perfect sense that you make good business on the occasion too?

Here are the strategies you can use for spa business marketing.

1. Birthday Automation

i) You need to have a ‘Birthday’ date field in your list

You can set automation in your email marketing system that will trigger a Birthday Email one day before the date. You need to have customers’ birthday data in your email marketing system.

ii) Design the template and the message right way

Find out the reason why your customer should be excited to see your email just before their birthday. See this email here. Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous on their special day? Everybody does.

What if you don’t have Birthday data? No worries.

iii) Use Sign up form

You can create a form to collect the birthday data from your customers and use it as a landing page in your promotions as prpmedispa did.

Appointment booking form of PRPMEDISPA

The next step for you is to assign a mailing list for this sign-up form and activate automation as described in (i) paragraph.

2. The countdown timer in email marketing

A live countdown timer creates an urgency sense in customers’ mind. Offer discount and use timer. Use MotionMail app for this. Very easy to use. Here is an example of it.

3. Use Survey as refer a friend tool and get new leads

Among your existing customers, run a survey and let them speak. Here is a survey you can run. This kind of survey will give you good insights about what they want, how you are doing, what kind of services you can bring for them, and most importantly, you can use the survey as refer a friend tool and earn new leads.

Remember, your customers may not be willing to take part in the survey. Give them some incentive. May be ‘TAKE PART IN THIS 2-MIN SURVEY AND WIN $100’ this kind of incentive will work.

4. Use WooCommerce and Get Sales 2X

Build an eCommerce site with your services and with your appointment confirmation email, let your customer buy the services. Use Welcome Email That Makes Revenue.

5. Use abandoned cart email sequence

Abandoned cart email sequence proved to be a successful strategy to make more sales if you already have an e-commerce platform for your medical spa business.

6. Leverage Seasons and Occasions

Find out the services that are perfect to promote on seasons and occasions. For instance, in winter, your customers will want skin tightening, chemical peels, coolsculpting etc.

Good luck!



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