The Good to Great Strategies for Already Freelancers

Learning new skills

To continue learning is the best attitude when you’re a freelancer. Use all the online learning platforms, learn skills. Analyze the market need of the skills, find the best course, and learn it. Not all the courses you will love, skip them that you don’t love. Just learn the skills you enjoy. There are plenty of online learning platforms like udemy, Learn, skillshop.

Understand client expectations clearly

It is the communication part, the critical one. I never am happy with their written requirements. It confuses me. So I set a meeting on a mutually convenient schedule, and I talk. I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I use questionnaires.

Make sure my clients win

I honestly want my clients to win. With my delivery, my clients earn something new. I follow them up. Usually, I use WhatsApp to connect them online. So reaching them and asking them, “Hey, How’re things going” is relatively easy.

Never underestimate the power of review

People value reviews. When your service quality exceeds expectations, the possibility is high that you will get a useful review.

Update profile, services, and prices regularly

To be in line with the relevant, this has been my regular practice. Interestingly, every time I look at my previously written pieces, I find it not up to the mark.

Upselling is a good strategy

The upselling strategy works well for me. Many times it so happens that a client who I provided with email marketing earlier purchased the google advertising services next month. You can follow up and get a good result.

Surely, those free tips should look helpful to your customers.

Also make sure you have a website, with your own name. If you are on freelance market places, use your own name. Google will track your name, and if you have your own website with your own name having all the services you provide on it, you will get the privilege of being found on google search.

Take a break

Ah! Finally! I take a break from work regularly. It helps me get freshened up and renew my energy level.



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Mofidul Alam

Mofidul Alam

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